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Super Efficient Vacuuming

Using the super power TurboMax vacuum, and a 6.5 HP vacuum machine at each duct being brushed.

Using the super power TurboMax vacuum, and a 6.5 HP vacuum when brushing every duct individually Deep Cleaned.

Uncleaned Air Can Get You Sick!


After the residents have thanked the technicians for Deep Cleaning the air duct system, the other 'occupants' second that. 

Do Not Risk Loosing Your Life and Property.


AARP's April 2016 Bulletin lists dryer lint as one of the things "most likely things to go up in flames". 

Contact our company to make your home healthier and safer. 

Step One In Air Duct Cleaning


 Technician opens the vent and inspects the duct, taking a picture of the condition (dust clinging to the sides vs. how it should be after Deep Cleaning.

Step Two in Air Duct Cleaning


A brush at the tip of a long 'snake'/cable loosens all the dust, debris, etc. and being vacuumed from each and every duct, as they are all 'related'.

Step Three in Air Duct Cleaning


After all the air ducts had been Deep Cleaned, the furnace and the Intake/Return Duct are cleaned, ready to be sanitized & disinfectant. Clean Air Anybody?